Trusted Advisors

We listen to our clients and engage with them fully

About Us

VETS 2 Synergy, LLC is a Joint Venture (JV) comprised of Visual Connections, LLC (managing member) and Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC (member). The key to the success of our projects continues to be our core performance principles: We listen to our clients, we engage with them fully to understand their business requirements and consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

Highly effective program and project management is critical to achieving business and organizational success. Whether it’s a business process reengineering project, an organizational transition, or an IT project for which you’re seeking support , you need the right expertise at the right time – trusted advisors who will listen to your ideas, work with you toward your goals and deliver the results needed.

Regardless of the scope of the project, our goal is to offer solutions that help you define your vision and complete your mission. At Vets2 Synergy, we design and develop innovative business solutions to make our customers stand out in their market spaces. Whether it is an information portal or a unique software solution, we have the expertise to deliver robust, secure, scalable, user-focused applications that provide easy navigation and seamless access to information.


Vets2 Synergy’ quality, accuracy and thoroughness have earned us a trusted reputation with the businesses and government agencies with which we have worked. Our business engagement philosophy is based on the following core values:

  • Understanding the business and information needs of our customers
  • Delivering the appropriate solution expertly and economically
  • Maximizing the return on investment for our customers
  • Providing top-quality customer support during and after implementation