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Vets2 Synergy User Experience Engineering

When we design a site, an application or an integration for our clients, we focus on efficiency and effectiveness. We strive for the best overall user experience - one that's useful, desirable, accessible, credible and ultimately valuable.

We believe that every project deserves and requires a custom-tailored approach and we are committed to incorporating "user experience" engineering into all our engagements. We carefully study your user interactions and incorporate outreach, content inventories, wireframes and prototypes into our research and development efforts; in short, we strive to know your audience so that we can develop experiences that reflect the voice and emotions of your users.

In order to create a great experience for your users, we believe development must be an ongoing effort - a process of continually learning about users, responding to their behaviors, and evolving the solution. We understand that your solution's success hinges on how users perceive it, and we strive to design websites and applications that deliver the greatest ease of use. We also understand that users are accessing websites in an increasing number of ways, including via mobile devices, a vast landscape of browsers and different types of Internet connections, and we take all of this into account as we design the best solution for your users' needs. Our proven user-centered design approach creates an overall experience that meets the goals and needs for both the users and the organization. Additionally, Section 508 compliance is deeply integrated into our development process so that the end result is a truly customer accessible experience.